My passion for dogs started since I was a child , when, scolded from my parents I sat over my old Mirka’s bed , a white dog, and I told her about my little problem.

I always had dogs and when I am 16 my dad bought me a beautiful chow-chow, Sheila which had a beautiful litter and so Nancy, one puppy of her, stayed with me too.

One day, while I was reading a dogs’ magazine, I read about a strange dog called Shar Pei which had an aboundant skin. I loved immediately that dog but only in 1991 I could have this puppy; it was a male, called Rudy but unfortunately it dead when it was only 10 months. I was sad so much and so I decided to buy not any other dogs. In 1993 Shango a sweet female puppy took part in my life and in that period started my passion for the shar pei and so I attended my first dogs’ shows.

Another important point in my life was in 1996, when I met Damiana and Fiorenzo Legrenzi, two wonderful people who told me everything about this kind of dog and so a special thanks to them.

In 1998 Lollipop became a member of our family and in 2000 won the Italian Champion title.
Morosita did the same two year later, Chika and Joy in 2004.
And this year, 2006, Joy has became an International Champion.

Now, I'm proud to present you my Shar Pei Kennel.

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